Rachael Moloney

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Co-founder, 2015

Now owned and managed by Mr & Mrs Smith, SideStory
was co-founded in 2015 by me, Giovanni Donaldson, former Corporate Development Director at Virgin, and Gord Ray, former publisher of Wallpaper*. The idea was to create a new kind of travel experience, offering travellers, or locals, an insider’s take on a particularly vibrant aspect of London’s creative scene and culture. We invited fashion stylists, photographers, interior designers, street artists, art critics,
and food and drink experts to help us craft bespoke tours for the curious traveller wanting a highly personal insight into the capital. For the launch, I co-developed the ‘look and feel’ of
the SideStory concept and site; built the contributor network; edited the experiences; and produced the content, including copy, still photography and a series of videos.

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