Rachael Moloney

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The Family Museum

Co-founder, 2017

Co-founded by me and filmmaker Nigel Shephard, The Family Museum is an archival photography project that evolved from research for a book, A History of Family Photography. This research was rooted in Nigel’s collection of around 25,000 found amateur family photographs and 300 photo albums, dating from the 1850s to the noughties. Through sharing more than a century and a half of visual stories and snapshots of everyday life and experiences, we believe this unique resource is a way to inspire our collective imagination and connect us. Using its archive as a starting point, The Family Museum wants to explore our understanding of ‘family’ as expressed through vernacular imagery and take the opportunity this collection offers for research into the history and practice of amateur photography. The Family Musuem had its debut show, Auto-Memento, in 2019 at Swindon Museum & Art Gallery and is currently planning its 2020-2021 activities. We also publish a zine, Famzine, focused on found photography, which is viewable on Issuu via www.thefamilymuseum.co.uk

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